Wayne has over 30 years experience in Corporate Accounting…

Wayne Armistead has held the position of Chief Finance Officer in large health organisations in Victoria, NSW, QLD and the ACT. Andrew Wilson have over 15 years Corporate Accounting experience and 18 years as a successful multi unit restaurant owner.

About Us

WBA Consultants are a beacon in business and financial strategy for the community of Portland especially in times of Covid

In Wayne Armistead’s career as a professionally qualified accountant, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen.

In his 30 years of corporate accounting he held the position of Chief Finance Officer in large health organisations in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT.

When he decided to semi-retire, he started to think about how he could put back by helping others and started WBA Consultants.

Over the years, Wayne and his wife had built themselves a successful and diverse property portfolio, using many of the secrets that made him successful in his public life.

Now his company WBA Consultants would like to share those secrets with you.

Andrew Wilson has over 15 years Corporate Accounting experience and 18 years as a successful multi unit restaurant owner.

Andrew’s focus is on assisting organisations and individuals to achieve their best through utilisation of best practices and technology to drive efficiencies

Andrew has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and brings a wealth of business management experience to WBA Consulting. Having recently sold 4 successful Subway Franchises, Andrew is eager to share his knowledge on best practice business management. Andrew was Victorian Franchisee of the year twice and is keen to advise businesses on how to improve and grow.

Andrew has a wealth of information on the best utilisation of business software, food costs, business efficiencies, project management, advertising and promotion, rostering and customer service. Prior to self employment, Andrew was a Director of Corporate Services in Local Government and prior to that a Management Accountant with Alcoa.

If there’s an easier or better way of doing something, Andrew is available to assist.

Let WBA Consultants show you

How to apply process and analysis to potential investments

The importance of tax and future strategy

How completing a tax return should be the start of the process, not a signal to wait until next year

How to use best practice software to make your job easier and your business run smoothly’’

The gains to be made through organisation reviews to assess efficiencies, staff structures, policies and procedures, Corporate Governance and work flows.

Step by Step

Wayne will walk you step-by-step through the model he has developed.

This process, which has been tested and replicated by WBA Consultants, and will lead you through a process that will help determine the best possible investment opportunity for you and your family.

All in simple to understand terms and plain English. They don’t call him Plain Speaking Wayne for nothing.

Financial Services

When an opportunity is said “too good to be true” it often is. Other times, “he who hesitates is lost.”

If only there was someone who could help identify the good from the bad, the risky from the reliable. Wayne Armistead has spent his working life learning how to distinguish between the good and the bad, and now he helps makes the impossible, possible.

Plain Speaking Spoken Here

WBA Consultants can conduct a business health check of your organisation. A structured review will identify opportunities for improvement, efficiency gains and cost savings

WBA Consultants can assess, implement and project manage accounting packages that make your job easier and save you money

We’re here to get you through and ensure that we work through this together to get to the other side of this pandemic


Residential / Investment loans

Every day, the media carries stories about property prices.

Watching and commenting on the market has become a national sport. Wayne Armistead goes beyond the headlines and the fake news, to deliver some timely facts.

Property ownership is still the Australian dream.
It’s never too late to invest in property.
Negative gearing and current low interest rates allow purchasers to invest in
property, at a minimal cost.

Whether you are young or old, in the city or the bush, let Plain Speaking Wayne show you how you can purchase property.

Commercial Loans

Cash flow is the life blood of any farm or business.

Often banks don’t understand this or the reality of businesses whose cash flow ebbs and flows from year to year. Based in rural Victoria, WBA Consultants understand life on the land and can help with finance and funding, pending getting the correct structure in place.

Corporate Loans and Business Health Checks

Corporate Loans are traditionally difficult to fund.

Sources of investment are often tied up or offered at above market rates. WBA Consultants can help with Corporate Loans. The first step is to conduct a Health Check of the business. Once that is done, and any pitfalls are identified, it’s time to move to the next step.

Personal Loans

Purchasing Investment property in Australia is known by many to be a very safe form of investing.

Many Australians, even those on a lower income can afford to participate in property investing and reduce the amount of income tax they pay. Because of negative gearing, and current low interest rates, it allows the purchaser to invest in property at a minimal cost. Eventually, it may be possible
for those with multiple properties to achieve a nil tax debt over time.

Accounting Software

If you would like to use industry leading software to manage your debtors, creditors, payroll, rostering and project management WBA Consultants will ensure that you have the best software available. Andrew has a wealth of experience using accounting software to take the stress out of “bookwork” and make your life easier and more efficient

Four Step Process

Negative gearing and current low interest rates allows purchasers to invest in property, at a minimal cost. But how can you take advantage?

Over the years WBA Consultants have helped many people break down the barriers to investing. Through knowledge and experience towards financially gain, through a tested process.

Introducing the Four Steps developed by WBA Consultants.

Four Steps to a more Secure Future

Like all systems, there are clear steps to get you where you want to go. Along the path Wayne will be there for you, helping every part of the journey.

Step One

Personal Assessment

The Personal Assessment step is designed to introduce the benefits of property investment and explain how it can help you to reduce tax, increase wealth and achieve a comfortable and financially secure retirement.

Step Two

Financial Consultation

This step involves Finance consultants -leaders in their field- who specialise in mortgage reduction, negative gearing and financial services. They provide a one-on-one, initial evaluation of your needs and expectations. WBA Consultants advise on the most effective strategies and financial packages available to achieve your goals.

Step Three

Target and Inspect properties

In this process, Wayne will share with you his specialised local knowledge and will help target properties that may best suit your financial circumstances.

Step Four

The Decision

After completing the first three steps, then and only then, will you have enough information to make an intelligent, unemotional and informed decision. A decision that has already changed so many lives, for the better!

Grant Writing

Free Money for your club or group

Writing Funding Proposals That Work

Sporting and Community groups

For sporting and community groups, funding from government departments can be the difference between making ends meet and facing an uncertain future.

Sporting Grants. No Walk in the Park

It’s no longer enough to just submit a letter or attend a meeting to get funding.

Grants are becoming more accountable and need to tick a number of boxes before being greenlit.

Ask for the order

For organisations that don’t want to leave their funding to chance…

Wayne Armistead via WBA Consultants offers a grant writing service that is focused on successful documentation getting State and Federal Government Departments to provide. Wayne is so sure of success, he offers his time on a ‘no win/no fee basis”.

Why Wayne?

In his corporate life, Wayne Armistead wrote dozens of successful applications that delivered on the bottom line.

He knows all the tricks. What to put in, what to leave out and most importantly, what works. He also had to read many poorly worded executed that didn’t qualify and had to turn them down. What a wasted opportunity. This perspective gives Wayne a unique insight into what funders are looking for, and in teams of sporting organisations, makes his available guy to have on your side.

Give Wayne a call to discuss your next grant proposal. Let him show you how professional proposals can obtain funding and give you some options you may not have considered. What have you got to lose?

Why Andrew?

Over his Corporate and small business life, Andrew has always had a total focus on best practice and efficient use of technology. From using rostering and payroll software to manage 80 staff in 4 locations and complete a payroll run in 30 minutes to being awarded Victorian Franchisee of the year, Andrew’s mantra has always been how “how I can do something in the most cost effective and efficient way?

Andrew is always eager to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with organisations and individuals. “I just love dealing with and helping people”

Both Wayne and Andrews approach compliments each other to the benefit of the client.


Contact WBA Consultants for help on any financial matter, large or small.

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